2015 Kia K900 Test Drive & Luxury Car Video Review

- January 21, 2017



http://www.autobytel.com/kia/k900/2015/?id=32972 Kia has been building cars for over 20 years now. And during that time the brand has grown their line-up of cars. What started as extremely affordable econo-boxes has bloomed into mid-sized cars offered at a great value; and now we have the K900 which pushes the perception of what a luxury car can be. The 2015 Kia K900 has a base price of $59,500.

If Kia is going to be selling a luxury car, then said car must look the part. On the outside the K900 has a stylish signature grille, adaptive front projector headlights, LED daytime running lights, and 19-inch wheels. Out back the K900 looks like a BMW. It is hard to sell a luxury car to luxury car buyers without a potent power plant under the hood. The 2015 Kia K900 is powered by Hyundai’s TAO 5.0 liter V-8 GDI engine that makes 420 horsepower and 376 lb-ft. of torque. Fuel economy is 15 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway.

On the inside, Kia has tried really hard to get the luxury part right. The seats are incredibly comfortable and covered in soft Nappa leather. All the touch points, materials, and dash layout all give the K900 a very upscale feel and look which is important in order to get the buyers looking for an Audi or Lexus. Finally Kia offers a level of technology that is not readily available at this price point which sets the car apart from the rest of the luxury car player.

Kia says the buyer of the K900 is looking for style, technology, luxury, and value. Brand perception is up and hopefully the K900 can make a positive impact for Kia.

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Comments (1322)

  • it's a lease

    kace kace - 12 months ago

  • just an update, I returned my 2015 today. leather on dash and arm rest was wearing off. ac compressor needed to be replaced and the transmission issue was never figured out. slipping and clunky into gears. I traded straight out for a 2016. it's a v6, it's not that bad, vip black and brown, tan 230 miles. hope it's better

    kace kace - 12 months ago

  • I agree. I picked one up couple months ago , white on white, vip, v8 20k miles for 30k. gave me 7k for my trade in. happy with the purchase. great car. I would never pay 60k for it. at 30k it's a bargain

    kace kace - 13 months ago

  • I need my car to be comfortable because I love to drive, comfortable seats, and a quiet ride.. I'm considering it. I don't care about turning a corner tight, long as I floor it and she gets up, that's all I need her to do. cant forget Bluetooth quality

    KING MESSIAH - 13 months ago

  • that car looks cleaaaan.. all the bell and whistles and not spending that ridiculous amount. seeing them used for 30k!! got my attention!

    KING MESSIAH - 13 months ago

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