Car Crash Compilation – September 2016 – Episode #138 HD

- January 21, 2017



Only best car crash videos caught on camera.
In this episode – Shocking car crashes, accidents with trucks, traffic cams, steal from car, road fails.
This compilation created for the educational purposes – watch and learn from the mistakes of others.

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Comments (166)

  • Everybody right back to the ancient Greeks knew heavy goods should be transported by sea and rail,     Not road,      So much destruction from sheer road surface wear to killing people by crushing a car to a piece of modern art,       And all because the haulage companies lobby and pay off the corrupt Government for profit,       The UK You can drive top to bottom in a day,      Bicycle in a fortnight and walk in three months,      Yet has 280,000 Heavy goods vehicles on it,     I accept the fuel and milk tankers etc,,,    But most of them should not be on the road

    Dole Bandit - 14 months ago

  • 8:27 Did they chase him?

    Heinz Kunz - 15 months ago

  • 7:45 can someone explain me why they put it back?

    Heinz Kunz - 15 months ago

  • 5:45 poor guy :'C

    Heinz Kunz - 15 months ago

  • 5:00 WOW just look at this asshole

    Heinz Kunz - 15 months ago

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