Car Wrecks Compilation – January 2016 – Episode #106 HD

- January 21, 2017



Best car crash videos caught on camera of the week.
In this time – Broken cars, trucks sliding, summer tires on ice and road fails.
This compilation created for the educational purposes – watch and learn from the mistakes of others..

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Comments (320)

  • Чьи куры деньги не клюют, те на правила плюют

    Надзиратель Вселенной - 12 months ago

  • If I had the nuts to drive around these dangerous morons, I could make a fortune as a towtruck driver.

    John Doe - 12 months ago

  • last one learn to DRIVE

    Joker Boy - 12 months ago

  • 9:30 fuckin asians dude they either drift like a bunch of badasses into a perfect parallel park or they drive consciously into stores with all the throttle

    The-G20-HD - 13 months ago

  • 7:12 ok0h my god the fucking tire rolling by my heart stopped

    Cade Thomas - 15 months ago

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