Dashcam Accidents – Weekly Compilation – Episode #126 HD

- January 21, 2017



Only Best videos caught on dashboard camera.
In this episode – Accidents at intersections, rear-ends, trucks vs cars, head-on collision and road fails.
This compilation created for the educational purposes – watch and learn from the mistakes of others.

Previous Dashcam Accidents Compilation – https://youtu.be/Pbw0A-RCjcw
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Comments (314)

  • at 2:05, wtf was the truck doing while the lights for the train were on?? The man had a lot of luck to be alive!!!

    Veronica V. - 1 week ago

  • Why is it that people seem to wait several seconds after the accident before they come to a stop? The accident happens and they continue to let the car roll (sometimes causing another accident). I don't get that. Wouldn't your natural reaction be to hit the brake and bring the car to a stop (and that's if you weren't already on the brake which you probably should have been)?

    Andrew Roberts - 1 week ago

  • Nice vid

    RDC Tarantula - 1 week ago

  • Good, hard t-bones! 🍖 That's what I like!😄

    Jumo 004 - 3 weeks ago

  • At 3:53, nice music for the occasion, LMAO !!!

    John Rodriguez - 4 weeks ago

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