Dashcam Accidents – Weekly Compilation – Episode #126 HD

- January 21, 2017



Only Best videos caught on dashboard camera.
In this episode – Accidents at intersections, rear-ends, trucks vs cars, head-on collision and road fails.
This compilation created for the educational purposes – watch and learn from the mistakes of others.

Previous Dashcam Accidents Compilation – https://youtu.be/Pbw0A-RCjcw
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Comments (314)

  • Is it weird that I came here to view the quality of the cameras lol

    FTS Messamore - 8 months ago

  • I see tram drivers are evil everywhere.

    Luboš Navrátil - 10 months ago

  • Que muera cada ser estupido por seleccion natural.

    DAKITO - 10 months ago

  • 8:43 that proves that on the motorbikes in most cases there are simple apes. Even his bitch dont mind that she is wita an ape... She must have a chimpanzee brain... Like most women anyway xD

    7BeAsT9 - 10 months ago

  • 8:00 I don't understand it: what's the point in wearing a helmet if you don't fasten the chin strap?

    Taggerung - 10 months ago

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