Expensive Car Fail Compilation | Luxury and Sport cars Accidents

- January 21, 2017



Expensive Car Fails 2016 | Luxury Car Crashes, accidents and Fails videos | Expensive Fails Compilation
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In this car crashes compilation You can see expensive and luxury cars crashes, supercar accidents, super car funny parking, luxury car fails, supercar racing accidents, racing crashes and some more funny car moments on the road | USA and other Countries

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Comments (12)

  • Lamborghini drivers should now know to keep a fire extinguisher in their car.

    dinja - 11 months ago

  • Hahahahahahahaha retarded

    MrAwkwardx - 11 months ago

  • That Bugatti @ 6:23 was at Prestbury Hill climb near Cheltenham and that was exactly the view I got too!!!!!

    silverGTO TwinTurbo - 11 months ago

  • How can carbon fiber be stronger than steel? most of those cars that hit something made out of carbon fiber exploded!!! I have been in car wrecks much worse than those in old steel cars and maybe would nick or bend it so small. Those cars made out of something flimsy material than suppose to be stronger than steel? charges more than I make in my life for those death traps and calls it carbon fiber? Give me a simple Chev or ford and I feel much safer in that than a million dollar car any day!

    SouthernStyleGamer - 11 months ago

  • cann't afford them So fuck them

    hecky vera - 11 months ago

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