Snowmobile Races Vs. Ferrari 458 and F430 Spider in Drag Race!! – Modball Rally 2015

- January 21, 2017



Now this will probably the strangest thing you’ll see today!!! During Modball Rally 2015 at Varano de Melegari racetrack in Italy, I have filmed a Snowmobile drag racing against a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Ferrari 458 Spider! What’s surprising about the drag races is the results, watch the video to find out why!

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Comments (867)

  • I'm watching this in 2017 and that rose gold ferrari is yiannis from yiannimze

    Calum fulton - 2 weeks ago

  • SNOWmobile...

    Dollsmartfix - 2 weeks ago

  • let the sled run in the grass next to the cars and see what happens... embarrassing for the cars

    Ernie Desjardins - 3 weeks ago

  • in 1969 there wasn't a muscle car in town that would touch my dad's arctic cat KING CAT. hemi gtx .. 440 cornet.. and the 396 chevelle all got smoked. dad riding against the snow bank and cars on dry pavement

    Ernie Desjardins - 3 weeks ago

  • change the mountain track for a asphalt drag racing track and the sled will smoke lots of fast cars. 400lbs and 175hp . sleds move

    Ernie Desjardins - 3 weeks ago

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