TOP 5 Luxury Sedan Cars 2017

- January 21, 2017



Hello and Welcome to Alaatin61! Top 5 Luxury Sedans 2017 .
TOP 5 Best Luxury Sedans.

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In my videos I show you what the vehicle is all about. I give information about the performance data, the features and the trims that are available. I exlpain how to use the interior and exterior features. Also I do a walkaround to show the unique differences about the vehicle. With my presentation you will get a better idea of the vehicle without getting to a dealership!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHANNEL: In my channel you will find detailed videos of automobiles from all over the world. I have filmed all types of vehicles. I wanted to share my love for cars with everyone! Make Sure To Subscribe To Alaatin61

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Comments (303)

  • ask a taxi driver why they bought a mercedes and they will tell you is the most comfortable car fore taxi drivers its like a dream the whish since they started to work and its very strong car so they wont have to mutch problems whith service and stuff

    Sokol Miftari - 6 months ago

  • Rolls-Royce needs to step up their game

    Guadalupe Garza - 6 months ago

  • #1 Rolls Royce#2Bentley#3 Jaguar or Mercedes#4BMW#5Audi, Lexus Ls or Porsche


  • sir, I think your rank is wrong
    the best luxury sedan is rolls royce!!

    Mr. somebody - 8 months ago

  • thats not a maybach you on a nigga back

    Denilson Hernandez - 8 months ago

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